Probation Warning

“Completely finish games to avoid being placed into probation. If placed in probation, you will be temporarily unable to play Public Match or League Play games.”

I got this warning today and served a 5 minute penalty before I could play. I suppose I got this warning because I bail from games if I am lag compensated so much that is makes it nearly impossible for me to get kills but enemies can totally dominate me because I am playing a full second behind game action.

I think this new penalty it total bull crap since my game win percentage it terrible because I drop from many games because my good connection makes me host half the time and if not the host then I am severely lagged by the game play server to slow me down for other players. So what this means is that I am being forced to play with terrible lag or get penalized when I log on and have to serve a time out.

This is total BS. Do you feel me?

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