PS3 ELITE DLC #1, Liberation & Piazza

If you were lucky or foolish enough to shell out $50 to get Call of Duty ELITE then you now have the month old Piazza and Liberation maps available to you. The Piazza map plays like Seatown with lots of tight corners and plenty of close range fire fights. So if you like using a shotgun or akimbo on Seatown then you are gonna love Piazza.

Liberation plays more like Interchange. It’s wide open with lots of sniping spots and the¬†foliage is autumn colors of golds, reds and browns. Its hard to see the enemy like on Downturn unless they move and so you could say it was tailor made for snipers in ghillie suits, but I am an SMG man and it was easy enough to use the numerous bushes, bridges, ditches and waist high barriers to find cover and¬†maneuver up to snipers and cut them down.

Overall I like Piazza but will have to suffer through playing Liberation.

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