Sleeper Simulant Definitely Simulates Sleep

The Sleeper  Simulant is a real sleeper for sure. The most DPS I have seen from it when used in the Court of Oryx is a little over 16K. The ricochet effect is not really noticeable. The 3 hours I spent yesterday and tonight getting the gun was not a complete waste. A Three of Coins killing a boss yielded a Telesto which I infused with two purchased 300 Spindles to get the Telesto up to 300. The void Telesto was very useful in the Exotic Sword quest which awarded both my Void and Arc swords when I completed the mission. In the last 24 hours I got 6 exotics knocked off my list. The Telesto, Arc and Void Swords, Boolean Gemini (second one), Sleeper Simulant and the Fabian Strategy. Now its time to raid.

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