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MW3 Vortex Map Cheating and Glitching Live Games

My first game playing MW3 in two weeks since I was on a cross country road trip and I run into some idiot cheater using a know glitch to get outside the map. Even cheating this guy did not win

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Boosting/Cheating in Clan Ops Reaches Epidemic Proportions

If you have any hopes of winning any Clan Operation event then you better recruit some other cheaters/boosters and put together a good plan because all the top winning teams are getting away with cheating and boosting in clan events.

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Infinity Ward Bans 1,600 MW3 Players For Cheating

Just in case you are still looking for the Tanker Glitch on the Outpost maps be advised if you attempt to get in the tanker you will be killed. A recent update has updated several glitches and Infinity Ward has

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