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uLikeGames Clan BLOWS UP!

We tripled the size of our clan in about 24 hours today and now have over 60 members. We want to thank every new member for joining the clan and look forward to enjoying a great year of clan activity

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Call of Duty ELITE Clan Ops & Challenges Suspended Until December

Clan Ops and Clan Challenges have been suspended until December which is bad news for clans that have yet to reach level 50 because there will be no way of increasing you clan rank during November. The latest news posted

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Boosting/Cheating in Clan Ops Reaches Epidemic Proportions

If you have any hopes of winning any Clan Operation event then you better recruit some other cheaters/boosters and put together a good plan because all the top winning teams are getting away with cheating and boosting in clan events.

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Free Clan XP

If you are looking for Clan XP then look no further than the Clan Operations which handout free Clan XP to any clan that registers and gets at least one kill. I have been registering my clan for every single

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