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Vortex Cheater Stats Reset by Infinity Ward

MoNeY-_-ThIef had his ELITE stats reset this afternoon after being reported to Infinity Ward. I sent an email to containing a link to a video I recorded and uploaded via Call of Duty ELITE to my YouTube account which

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CoD: Modern Warfare 3 DLC Multiplayer Tips

Here is a new video where Robert Bowling expounds the virtues of using stealth perks like blind eye, assassin and dead silence along with defensive explosive devices such as claymores, bouncing bettys and the I.M.S. to protect objective locations in

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MW3 5,000 Day Ban

Infinity Ward will apparently ban your a$$ for 5,000 days if you are caught cheating, hacking, glitching or otherwise reported for being extremely abusive. It appears that a permanent ban from connecting and using the network server for MW3 is

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Infinity Ward Bans 1,600 MW3 Players For Cheating

Just in case you are still looking for the Tanker Glitch on the Outpost maps be advised if you attempt to get in the tanker you will be killed. A recent update has updated several glitches and Infinity Ward has

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