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Free Fall Bonus Map in Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts announces a free multiplayer map download available for pre-ordering Ghosts. The Free Fall map introduces a dynamic map which changes during games because the map is a building on its side that is deteriorating. Sight lines

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How to get the Ghost Camo in Black Ops 2?

The answer is simple. Go to Gamestop, pay $15 to become a PowerUp rewards card member, pre-order Call of Duty Ghosts and they will give you a code to redeem at (*** but you MUST be already logged into Call of

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Pre-Order Black Ops 2

Pre-Ordering Black Ops II sounds like a great idea but if you are wanting the Hardened or Prestige Edition then you may need some more information. Currently no Hardened or Prestige Edition has been announced but chances are good it

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