Terminal Illness

If you’ve played any MW3 lately then you have been exposed to one map so much that you now have a “Terminal Illness”. The lobby algorithm is heavily weighted towards the Terminal map and there are plenty of camper/snipers who love the bottlenecks and the brainless mayhem that comes by playing this map. Terminal was not my favorite map in MW2 and its reappearance in MW3 was an unwelcome guest, but the games bias towards forcing this map on the lobby nearly 4 weeks after its return is ridiculous. I have entered team deathmatch only to see the Terminal map as one of the two option no less than 10 times in a row desperately trying to evade its loathsome layout which attracts the worst types of gamers. Its the only map I snipe on because trying to run and gun on the map is simply suicide. I pray that Infinity Ward will quickly fix the lobby map algorithm so that Terminal goes into a normal rotation instead of being shoved down our throats.

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