The Golden Gun Complex

Golden Camo Gun

It was a theory of mine that noobs will pick up any gun if it has golden camo. I have had the golden camo since february so I am bored of it and rarely use it since it attracts so much attention. I mean its hard enough to move around trying not to get shot but try it with a bright shiny object pulling glances from every angle. I noticed almost immediately that after I started carrying the a golden gun just about 90% of the time when I die a noob will pick up the gun. One time I saw this noob carrying TWO of my guns. How stupid is that! He had this golden gun glaring in his hands and an nice shiny bulls-eye on his back. He was so visible I shot him from across the map with a famas (golden camo of course).

So to test this theory I outfitted a silenced enfield with golden camo. Now let me tell you that a silenced enfield requires nearly an entire clip to kill an enemy. Its like trying to kill with papercuts. You need hundreds of wounds to cause damage. Some times I even carried dual Skorpians… talk about spray and pray. You’re basically nothing more than a decoy device. Sure enough the noob idiots pick up the worst weapons in the game. And to my satisfaction they died faster than a nip slip on NBC.

Sometimes I like to mess with the noob’s heads by switching to my CZ75 right before I die. I can see in that brief moment after dying that they always run up to my body and try to grab the golden gun only to learn they got a tiny CZ75 in there hands. LOL. Second chance is a great way to give them nothing as well. But we all know the type of loser it takes to operate with second chance enabled.


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