The Ultimate Strategy Guide for Winning Clan Wars in Ghosts

This article will define the best strategy on how to build a clan to win Clan Wars and how to play to win at Clan Wars.

First of we start by explaining that Clan Wars are won by accumulating the most Clan Points during a Clan War and that Clan Points are earned by capturing locations but not by holding or defending them.

Clan Points start at 12 points per location but once a location is captured then lost the second team to capture that location is awarded only 11 points and the third capturing team gets only 10 points and so on.

So its very important to capture as many locations at the beginning of the clan war to assure your clan gets the most points per capture.

Locations on the map are just metaphors for game modes. For instance the Government Building location is actually Team Deathmatch and the Reasearch Facility is actually the Cranked game mode.

On the Los Angeles map there are 10 locations which represent 10 game modes. They are Blitz, Cranked, Domination, Hunted, Kill Confirmed, Search & Rescue, Team Deathmatch and the Hardcore versions of Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Search & Rescue.

Each location has a different number of wins to enable you to capture that location.

And depending on which division your clan is in that number is different.

There are four divisions, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

We are in the Gold division therefore the number of wins to capture locations in the Gold Division are as follows.

  • Blitz (20 wins)
  • Cranked (30 wins)
  • Domination (50 wins)
  • Hunted (20 wins)
  • Kill Confirmed (30 wins)
  • Search & Rescue (30 wins)
  • Team Deathmatch (100 wins)
  • Hardcore Team Deathmatch (30 wins)
  • Hardcore  Kill Confirmed (30 wins)
  • Hardcore Search & Rescue (30 wins)

Keep in mind that if you are in a different division than the Gold Division these numbers will be different.

How to Win Clan Wars

Divide and Conquer Strategy

The best scenario is that your clan divide and conquer all 10 locations on the map and hold them the entire duration of the Clan War to not allow any other clan to score clan points. But this strategy is unrealistic because of a big problem.

The big problem is that once you capture a location your win total will start being reduced.

For every win by any enemy clan member in that game mode you will lose a win from your win total in that game mode.

7 Clans versus 1 Clan - eventually your win total will be reset to zero which releases the location and you will have no choice but to start over and try to climb back to the top.

Catch and Release Strategy

Another strategy is to take over one location then move on to another and rotate to the easiest targets that are available. You never waste time or effort defending a location but by taking over as many locations as you can. This will give you the maximum number of Clan Points.

Most Clan Wars will be won using this method since defending a location is nearly impossible given the 7 to 1 disadvantage you have against the other clans.

Keep in mind that when you attack a position you will have to earn enough wins to bring the location holder’s win total to zero, then be the first clan to reach the minimum wins total to capture that location.

Otherwise you an spend a lot of time helping other clan reach the top only to have to bring their win totals down to zero as well.

Pick your locations carefully for instance TDM requires 100 wins whereas Blitz only requires 20 wins to capture.

Consider the worst case scenario where you have to win 500 or more TDM games just to sit atop the thrown when you could have played only 40 games to take over the Blitz location.

How to Build a Clan for Clan Wars

Pick clan members who play every day if possible.

Choose clan members that live within one or two times zones from you, because if  you have clan members scattered from the UK to Bombay then it will be extremely difficult to get everybody to play together.

Have 30% of your clan specialize in the Hardcore game modes.

For each game mode such as Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, Cranked and so on… have at least 10 clan members good at each particular game mode BUT capable of playing at least two other games modes as well.

Have all your clan members “friend” each other especially the members who specialize in the same game mode.

Make sure everybody uses the Call of Duty App and utilize its Clan Chat, Primary Targeting and Rally Up features to coordinate attacks during Clan Wars.

Final Summary

Pick your Primary Targets carefully, giving special consideration on the number of wins you think you will need to take that location and the number of Clan Points you expect to win by taking it.

Try an keep track of how many times a position is captured because a location worth 11 points is a much better target than one worth 5 points and that needs to be factored into your decision.

Each clan war is different because of the differences in the clans that make up the 8 clans in the clan war.

For instance we have an Italian clan that seems to take over locations while we are sleeping here in the US. They also specialize in hardcore locations.

Then when we are online during the day, we have little resistance reclaiming lost territory.

So the behavior and characteristics of clans can also be evaluated to determine the best time and location to attack and that can be as simple as what time of the day a position is most vulnerable.

Good Luck Gamers.

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