uLikeGames Clan BLOWS UP!

We tripled the size of our clan in about 24 hours today and now have over 60 members. We want to thank every new member for joining the clan and look forward to enjoying a great year of clan activity in Black Ops 2 (BO2).

We will be entering the MW3 Clan Ops and Challenges when they resume on November 30th until such time as we reach clan level 50 and there are no more benefits to entering Ops or Challenges in MW3.

We will be entering all BO2 Clan Ops and Challenges when they become available.

One new clan member asked me today. “How can I help the clan?”. Here is a brief list on how clan members can help the clan.

  • Use our Gold Clan Tag when you can
  • Use our Clan Title when you can
  • Help in MW3 Ops & Challenges when they resume
  • Until BO2 Ops & Challenges become available, learn the maps, modes and “pick ten” system in BO2 so you can be competitive
  • Submit you videos to us so we can post your exploits on our YouTube Channel
  • LIKE our Facebook page, Follow us on Twitter and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Double XP weekend is coming this friday for those that purchased the collectors editions of BO2, so log on and enjoy the fun!

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