uLikeGames Clan Level 30 – Join Today!

Its official… uLikeGames Clan has reached level 30 this morning and today just two of our members earned a silver ranking in the clan operation Adept Assailants. Using the recon drone to earn up to 4,600 points per game in team death match One_Second_Kill and SiouxFox put in about two and half hours work and still got the silver ranking for their efforts. If you have been tracking clan operations then you were aware that they went offline last month and did not return until today. New clan operations as well as a more strict way of ranking the clan participants has given clan ops a new sense of purpose. We now have 6 hours of clan XP ready to be claimed as well as a new background that becomes available at level 30. So if you are looking to join a clan or find a better clan then we invite you to give us a try.


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