uLikeGames Flash Mob

So I watched a video today of a flash mob and it got me thinking. Can you do a flash mob thing in Black Ops. I think ground war has up to 18 players so if we got 18 players into a game at one time then perhaps we can do a flash mob thing. I am not sure what that “thing” would be but I am open to suggestions.

The purpose would would be to make a new video for our channel.

I think it would be funny if all players started the match playing as normal as possible without any kills streaks on. Then at a predetermined time all players blow themselves up and then switch to a single class so they all look alike.

Then we all dance around at a predetermined spot on the map and after 30 seconds we all blow ourselves up and spawn into our normal classes and commence to killing again.

If you are interested in helping make this video then send me an email with your PS3 account name and I will send you a friend request and we can then work out the details.


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