Uprising Is Here!

Yes that’s right uprising is a DLC drop in black ops 2 and to kick it off it is double weapon xp weekend. So go pick out some gun class that you haven’t tried before and run up that xp. Also you zombies fans should be having lots of fun with the new Alcatraz map. So get ready to be and afterlife because these zombies wont stop until your all are dead. You get one afterlife per round and can get to some areas your normal body cant get to. So the new multiplayer maps are so cool we got Vertigo,Magma,Encore,and Studio.Vertigo is atop a futuristic high rise mega structure with multi tiered pathways. Magma is a Japanese village being overrun with hot lava, so I dare you to jump in. Encore is set in a aftermath of a deserted London music festival. Studio is like the classic Firing Range map in black ops but is re-imagined as a Hollywood back lot. So have fun this weekend and shoot straight.

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