Vortex Cheater Stats Reset by Infinity Ward

MoNeY-_-ThIef had his ELITE stats reset this afternoon after being reported to Infinity Ward. I sent an email to report@infinityward.com containing a link to a video I recorded and uploaded via Call of Duty ELITE to my YouTube account which clearly showed that MoNeY-_-ThIef was using a known glitch on the Vortex map to exit the map and attack and engage enemies inside the map which is a clear violation of the rules. I received an email reply from the Ban Warden stating “Thanks for your report.” about 6 hours later. I logged into ELITE and reviewed the ELITE account for MoNeY-_-ThIef which showed he had logged over 100 hours of game time and had reached prestige 7. A few hours later I reviewed it again and his stats had all been reset to zero as you can see in the image below. This demonstrates that if you help report cheaters that you could help get them banned or reset. It also speeds up the process by recording and providing a video of the cheating via ELITE and YouTube. So happy hunting! Go find some cheaters!

UPDATE: MoNeY-_-ThIef got kicked from his clan Xzibit Gaming but then they let him rejoin, so they condone and promote cheating and cheaters.

Vortext cheater MoNeY-_-ThIef stats reset after being reported

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