Wicked Dominator Results

Wicked Dominator Silver Badge

Well I captured 140 bases in domination to place 18th out of 145 total players. I averaged 10 captures per game. I earned a silver badge but 8 more captures and I would have received a gold badge. I thought I was playing efficiently and I even set a personal best of 16 captures in one game but it was not enough. I think a secret to success is having a team of at least 4 clan members in the game. We had only two and there were games where we had people camping the bases and never letting the the enemy have any bases. This led to minutes going by in several games where I had no opportunities to get more captures. To win or even place in this capture format you need to catch and release bases as fast as you can. When you have a team of at least 4-6 players working in cooperation then bases can be captured and released at will.

Therefore I think that unless I get picked up by a strong domination clan or recruit some strong players to play in these events I will simply be better than most but never quite good enough to place in the top 10 or in the money for some free swag.

It was fun playing but at the same time I was having my teammates work against my strategy at least half the time.

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