Winning Clan Wars in Ghosts Micro Clan Strategy

This video introduces the latest proven strategy to win big in clan wars.

I call it the MICRO CLAN strategy.

I will also give you an update on some significant changes that Activision has made to clan wars that will affect some strategies I defined in my first clan wars strategy guide.

As you know 8 clans are grouped together to make a clan war.

These teams all have similar skills and number of members

A few days before a clan war begins the activity of your clan is analyzed to determine what division your clan will be placed. This activity most likely includes how many games played, win ratio, score per game of each member and perhaps other stats as well are considered during this evaluation period.

You do not need to win a clan war to move up a division. You must play and win games consistantly in the days leading up to a clan war especially when a clan war is announced on the call of duty app, you can assume the evalutaion period has officially begun.

The size of your clan determines how difficult capture points will be to earn. The more clan members you have the more wins you need to earn capture points.

For instance when our clan had 35 members we had to earn as many as 240 wins to capture a location and the capture points that went with it.

Not every one of my members reported for duty and participation was small so it became clear that kicking out all the dead weight members was essential but even when I cut down to 10 members I still had participation issues.

So I decided to kick out all the members and form a MICRO CLAN with just 3 players. The required minimum number of members to participate in a clan war.

The only problem is I only had one other strong and motivated player in my clan so I created a secondary account and added that phantom player account to my clan to make 3.

Once the next clan war was announced I made sure to alert the other clan member to play as much as he could. He was on xBox and I am on PS3. We played enough, just the two of us to earn a spot in the Platinum division.

Once the clan war started I realized creating a Micro Clan was a huge advantage because most of the locations could be captured by winning 6 or 8 games while only TDM and DOM required more.

To help speed up my win totals I entered every game with my secondary clan member account in splitscreen. I simply hid this player on the map because it was using Off the grid, incog and blind eye making him virtually invisible.

Fortunately, there are hiding spots on nearly every map where this dead stick player can be hidden.  9 out of 10 games this dead stick player was never found or killed but… because I equipped him with IEDs to tossed around him, he did register some kills now and then.

With my secondary player hidden I then played only with my primary player and when I won a game it was worth 2 wins instead of one win. This meant that a location that required 6 wins only took me 3 games to capture. And locations that required 8 wins took me only four games to capture.

I also received plenty of wins from my Xbox player so we captured 6 locations the first day of clan wars with no problem and held onto 6 to 8 locations the entire clan war. In the end we scored over 300 capture points and beat the second place team by nearly 200 points.

So if you are looking for a guaranteed strategy to win a clan war and have problems finding committed and talented players then consider my strategy which worked to perfection with just two player on different gaming platforms.

Now here is a rundown of some significant updates to clan wars since my first video.

The clan app now shows you the value of a location so you know what its worth to capture it. This value was not visible duriing the first clan war and this is very helpful in selecting targets.

I stated in the first video that you did not get points for holding a location but now that has changed. We held 7 positions overnight and in the morning our point total increased by 10 points even though we did not play. I am not certain how many points you get but it seemed every 4 to 6 hours our point total would go up for doing nothing.

Your clan roster is locked the day before a clan war so there is no more clan bagging allowed. Clan bagging occurs when you have your members leave the clan to appear like a small clan and get placed in a clan war with other small clans only to invite all your friends back to the clan and create an unfair advantage over the smaller clans in your clan war.

Some locations no longer decrease in value no matter how many times they are captured. We must have captured kill confirmed 3 times and it never lost any capture value points. Although I could not determine why some locations lost value while other did not… it good information to know.

#5 winning todays clan war in the platinum division move us up 4 clan levels. I approximate that 200 to 250 thousand clan XP points were awards for this win. Thats a big payday for such a tiny clan.

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