Xur Selling Gjallarhorn

I knew that when I heard they were gonna nerf the Gjallahorn so its more in line with other rocket launchers that they would sell it again. The entire year Bungie lied about the random nature of what Xur was selling. The Gjallahorn appeared week two then disappeared forever. Millions of hours Guardians grinded away seeking that golden carrot. The joy I felt when after 5 months  I finally got the Gjallahorn, only to feel the sting of irony when it  dropped 2 more time in the same week. I was shocked when they announced they were gonna nerf it but I am not shocked they are finally selling it again. The only way to eliminate a gun is to nerf it and let every one have it. Parity achieved.

RIP Gjallahorn.

xur selling gjallahorn

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